The QCX MICR Qulaifier – The most accurate MICR QA tool in the world!

The QCX is the finest, most accurate MICR analysis tool available and is 10 times more accurate than our previous MICRQ GTX model.

Ready to meet the strict ‘image readiness’ and MICR standards required by Electronic Cheque truncation around the world. Traditional test equipment of optical and magnetic readers, overlays and manual gauges are replaced by this one powerful tool.

The QCXs powerful software performs the testing and analysis for you and reports MICR and Image failures and warnings based on specific country standards. With customisable alerts and pop up warnings it can be tailors to run to your exact production standards.

Custom Reporting

The QCX software is able to generate reports that are tailored to your exact requirements, including diagrams and coloured graphics to support your findings. Features such as signal strength histograms, character waveforms, optical and/or magnetic dimensions, image density and many other features can be added or removed from reports as required.

Technical Specifications

  • USB connection to a PC
  • Software offers friendly and intuitive interface
  • 4 Models – fully upgradable
    • MICR only (E13B/CMC7)
    • MICR and Optical (E13B/CMC7)
    • MICR, Optical & Image (Front and back)
    • Image (Check 21 compliant – front and back)
  • MICR precision 0.0005”
  • Image accuracy 0.001”
  • Simultaneous magnetic and optical MICR testing
  • Image readiness testing
  • Soft gauges: character templates, comparators, code line positions etc.
  • Custom layouts for MICR and Image
  • Report annotations: graphics, text etc.
  • Test log files keep data for statistical analysis
  • Test alerts and screen pop-up warnings
  • Enhanced help and documentation

Quality – Performance – Power – Economy