Rosetta Pro 8310/8320 MICR Printers

Proven work-horse in the printing industry, adapted for the security printing market  

With a bespoke MICR conversion we adapt Ricoh 8310/8320 printers to become robust and efficient cheque production machines, producing output at 110 or 135 ppm. Proven technology capable of heavy production for today’s cheque markets. Accredited to the highest global MICR standards the 8210/8220 printers will give years of reliable, high volume service.

TRIDENT are proud be able to offer the Rosetta 8310 and 8320 high volume MICR printers. These printers can produce high quality cheques day after day, consistently and reliably. Based on the successful Ricoh 8300 range printers these two models have been specifically adapted to produce MICR by Rosetta Technologies and Trident are the main distributor for these products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. With installations in UK, France, Africa and several other nations in our region the product has proved to be as good as expected.

8310/8320 MICR Printers – High volume production cheque book printers

Every successful print production environment relies upon maximum speed, capacity, reliability, and high duty cycles. The successful MICR print production environment requires all these plus consistent end-to-end MICR output quality. Rosetta Technologies combines its best-in-class MICR toner and expert technology with Ricoh’s award-winning print production hardware to deliver MICR printing solutions that exceed industry standards.

Rosetta Technologies’ Pro 8310e MICR and 8320e MICR are 110-ppm and 135-ppm production-class laser printers rated for up to 1,000,000 impressions per month. Designed in partnership with industry leader Ricoh, these modular systems deliver the speed and media input/output capacity for longer runs with fewer interruptions. On the inside, every Pro 8310e MICR and 8320e MICR print engine undergoes a meticulous conversion process by Trident engineers to transform the system into a MICR-ready solution. Toners and fonts are specifically formulated. Electrostatic components are modified to account for the properties of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition toner. In fact, Rosetta guarantees that every document you print will meet ANSI, ABA, and Canadian Payments Acceptance standards for adhesion, signal strength, character sharpness, and read rates.

So whether you are printing 1,000,000 cheques every month or writing entire EOBs with claim cheques attached, Trident has the knowledge and technology solutions backed by over 20 years of industry experience to make your MICR applications run smoothly. Rosetta plus Ricoh plus Trident. It’s a most attractive combination.

Technical Specifications

Production-class Printing

  • Maximum 13” x 19.2” media support
  • Up to nine paper trays for a total paper capacity of 12,650 sheets
  • Vacuum Feed Large Capacity Tray unit (optional)
  • ‚‚Optional High Capacity Stackers & Finishers
  • ‚‚Energy Star™ and Gold Level EPEAT® Certification
  • ‚‚Genuine IPDS Options
  • ‚‚Fiery Compatible

Superior MICR Performance

  • 110 and 135 pages per minute
  • Up to 1 million impressions per month
  • ‚‚ASC X9 and ABA Compliant MICR output
  • ‚‚Optimal MICR Signal Strength and Adhesion
  • ‚‚Consistently reliable MICR quality
  • ‚‚E13B and CMC-7 Rosetta Technologies’ certified MICR fonts
  • Rosetta Technologies’ MICR Performance Guarantee

Quality – Performance – Power – Economy