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Our software team have extensive experience in various markets such as security printing, banking, databases and data handling so if you have a bespoke software application that needs to be developed we can help you. All our code is created in the latest programming languages and on the latest operating systems so you can be assured it will be future proof.

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A large number of companies rely solely on preprinted security paper to protect their high value documents. Though preprinted security paper does a good job of securing the base document, it does not address the security of personal data that is added to the document at the point of print.
By not securing personal data, companies are leaving themselves vulnerable to unauthorised modifications, forgery or photocopying. TROY SecureDocs helps companies by adding another layer of protection to their documents. By adding personalised security features to each print file before it is routed to the printer, companies can now add in a layer of security beyond preprinted stock, helping to create unique and secure documents.

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